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Some Frequently Asked Questions –

Is Dream11 is Legit?

They are a Series B funded startup at the intersection of sports, gaming and e-commerce. Young entrepreneurs Harsh Jain and Bhavit Sheth founded the company in 2012 with the vision to make fantasy sports a part of every sports fan's life!

They take great care to comply with central and state legislations in India and USA to protect users from any legal risk. All the fantasy sports games for cricket and football as available on our website, including the paid formats of the like (“Dream11 Games”), are carefully designed to comply with applicable statutes and regulations in India.

For more information, visit their legality section.

Why is Dream11 legal? 

Because it apparently involves skill in selecting the fantasy team, and since that is the case it does not qualify as gambling and thereby is legal. It though looks more like gambling. But rewards curve is highly skewed towards a few participants making it more like gambling as it is more due to luck then skill that people do well.

Is it safe to give PAN details to Fantasy Dream11.com?

We don't think anyone can do any harm to you if you give them your PAN details.
Dream11 or any fantasy website asks for your PAN details only because they have to cut 30.9% tax if your winnings go beyond Rs. 10,000.

Will dream11 account get deactivated if PAN card verification is rejected?

We wish to inform you that the account will only get deactivated, if our Risk team notices that you have violated our Fair Play policy, hence if you fail to get your PAN verified, you can still go ahead and make the necessary changes and resubmit the verification request.

Can we use Dream11 cash like regular money?

The winnings of your Dream11 are real cash and you can withdraw it to your bank account, after getting your account verified.

How can I create multiple winner contests on Dream11?

Easy! Once you’re in the process of making your contest on Dream11, simply click on Customize Winnings and choose the number of winners you wish to have in your contest, along with the break up of the prize money. However, this feature is only available on Dream11 website.

Can I use three different Dream11 accounts on one mobile?

We suggest our users to use their own mobile to login to their dream11 accounts.

Can I play on Dream 11, being a resident of Odisha/Assam?

With regard to Assam and Odisha, the laws in these states are unclear as to whether games of skill may be played for a fee. Therefore, currently, residents of Assam and Odisha are not permitted to participate in the paid formats of Dream11.